Acoustic Conditioning

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Acoustic Conditioning

The acoustic conditioning or acoustic design of rooms is directly related to the acoustic comfort that any of us seeks based on the needs at all times.

What would a theater be if we weren’t able to understand the actors, or watch a movie in a theater listening to the soundtrack in the next room.

How many times have we eaten in a restaurant and cannot understand our companions, or have a meeting with noise problems in the office.

Correct Choice of Acoustic Materials

On all these occasions, an adequate design of the interior surfaces of the rooms, together with a correct choice of materials, make it possible for any space to be dedicated to the use for which it was designed.

Currently there are a large number of materials, including hygienic acoustic panels with all their anti-bacteria, anti-grease certificates, etc …

Acoustic conditioning is capable of solving noise problems in the most beautiful and effective way, it is highly advisable to do it with the help of experts who can advise you on the material, shape, quantity, etc., most suitable for each situation.

Acoustic Conditioning Lines of Action

Some lines of action in acoustic design of rooms, usually occur in:

      •  Theaters
      •  Auditoriums
      •  Concert halls
      •  Sports centers
      •  Cinemas
      •  Shopping Centers
      •  Churches
      •  Restaurants
      •  Offices
      •  Radio and Television Studios

Acoustic Comfort

The acoustic solutions, which allow to achieve the desired acoustic comfort are based on:

      • An acoustic project, with an acoustic simulation prior to the current and future situation to the execution of the acoustic solution.
      • Based on the results obtained in the simulation, the choice of the appropriate acoustic treatment for the room, based mainly on absorbent acoustic materials, such as:
        • Absorbent surface materials, perforated acoustic false ceilings, acoustic wood backing, acoustic panels …
        • Suspended sound absorbers, acoustic clouds, acoustic islands, acoustic cubes, acoustic cylinders …
        • Acoustic sprayed, Sonospray style (K-13), acoustic cellulose …

And acoustic materials, which are responsible for treating specific frequencies, such as resonators, bass traps, personalized solutions …

The following images are an example of the acoustic conditioning of pavilions carried out by Iberacústica at the facilities of Jerez de la Frontera Fair, based on suspended elements, with excellent acoustic and aesthetic results.

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