The IBERACÚSTICA laboratory, has a wide acoustic accreditation range operating under the seal of quality of the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC), according to the UNE EN ISO 17025 standard, for the performance of acoustic study.

Lab tipo ensayo aereo

Acoustic insulation studies for airbone noise at vertical and horizontal walls (*)

Lab tipo ensayo impactos

Sound insulation studies for impact noise (*)

Lab tipo ensayo fachada

Acoustic insulation studies facades (*)

Lab tipo ensayo focos puntuales

Noise measure for isolated foci (installations) (*)

Lab tipo ensayo infraestructuras transporte

Measurement of environmental noise (*) (industry and transport infrastructure)

Lab tipo ensayo medioambiente

Royal Decree noise measurings for worker protection

Lab tipo ensayo vibraciones

Measuring of structural vibrations in building and industry

Lab tipo ensayo intensidad

Measurement of reverberation time (*) and sound intensity measurements (auscultation)

Lab tipo ensayo potencia

Sound power measure

(*) Study under ENAC acrediting range.